Saturday, July 18, 2009

Questioning the V

Since when did the plunging neckline become a fashion DO for men?
Am I missing something? When did THIS become hot?

The v neck is also known as the "douche tee". Which I find pretty appropriate considering that the lamest guys I know wear them. I also find it useful when I'm at parties. Its always safe to stay away from guys who think its okay to show their cleavage! TRUST ME!

The only thing worse than v necks on guys, is v necks on overweight guys. And whats worse than that? V neck's AND skinny jeans on overweight guys. Like bikini's and spandex are for women, the skinny jean is for men. Like I tell the ladies- its a privilege, not a right!

Remember boys, you aren't Zac Efron!

I'm pretty sure he (and gay men) are the only ones who can kind of pull off the look. (And that is because after seeing High School Musical, I'm still not convinced of his sexual orientation)