Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Did you hear the news? This may come as a shock to some of you, but we're in a recession!... But don't worry guys, Obama is doing "everything" he can to help get our economy back to tip top shape!

If that doesn't make you feel better, maybe this will...

Rock and Republic has heard Americans cries and is taking real action with their cost friendly line of "Recession Denim"- Check it out!

Rock & Republic Recession "Berlin" Skinny Jeans in Stimulus Wash

Rock & Republic Recession "Kassandra" Bootcut Jeans in Spend Wash
Don't worry boys! We didn't forget about you!

Rock & Republic Recession "Neil" Straight Leg Jeans in Action Wash

This is a perfect time for you to replace your bedazzled jeans (please refer to the last entree for more information) for these R&R's. You now have two very good options for becoming more fashionable and looking less like a tool (yep, I said it!). They are stylish yet they don't scream "I'm trying too hard to be in style". Girls will do a double take at your behind in these and nod in approval- instead of doing a double take and rolling her eyes at your previous choice in denim. TRUST ME!

***Special thanks to my very beautiful and fashionable friend Lindsey for the info! Love you girl friend!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Men: Fashion Lesson #1

Hello Men, are you there? Listen up because this one is for you! Today I am going to fill you in on some VERY crucial information. I know at this point your mind might already be wandering back to ESPN that is playing in the background, but we both know they play Sports Center on repeat all day and that you've seen today's episode at least three times and counting. Just do yourself a favor- and the women or future women in your life and pay attention for just a couple minutes. If you are afraid of distractions don't be afraid to use that magical PAUSE button on your DVR remote.

Were going to review some Fashion Do's and Do Not's that you all should know (we're going to skip the basics like pairing a brown belt with black shoes. I'm assuming EVERYONE knows that rule and if you don't, you prob need more help then my quick blog post can give you;) )


DON'T wear bedazzled or ornate jeans. JUST DON'T DO IT! If you do and you don't regret it yet- just wait, you will. I PROMISE.DO wear nice jeans that are fitted for your body type.
DON'T wear "Affliction" shirts. All those designs give me a headache.DO ask for help from sales people, or better yet- ask a friend (that's a girl) to come along. Us chicks love dressing guys. We can help.
DON'T wear Ed Hardy clothes. I don't care who Christian Audigier is. His clothes are tacky and no matter how much you try to justify owning them, they were never cool. Bling Bling on your shirts is a No No. Von Dutch, Ed Hardy- they're the same thing and we were ALL happy when Von Dutch went off the shelves. (PLUS- Heidi and Spencer wear it- they are our generations TV villains!) DO care about your shoes. It's one of the first things I notice about a guy- and its not just me! I have hot friends who say the same thing.
DON'T be a poser! Just cause you see people sporting RVCA and brands of that nature, doesn't mean you should rock it if it isn't who you are. I can spot these guys from a mile away. (They are the same ones who "surf" whenever they go to "Cali")
DO wear what you like and what fits your personality.
DON'T wear skinny jeans if you aren't slender- it usually shows us more than what we signed up for. (although... some girls might be into that)
DO wash your clothes (and while your at it- throw in your sheets!)
DON'T wear man jewelry. (ESPECIALLY pukka shells. Being in a tropical climate does not give you an excuse)
DO wear hats if you look good in them.
DON'T be afraid to wear plain tees. Sometimes less is more.
DO iron your shirts
DON'T be afraid to add color to your wardrobe- especially your work or formal attire. Owning shirts or ties in pastels doesn't make us question your sexuality.
DO own a suit. HOT.
DON'T wear denim shorts!!!DON'T wear cargo shorts. Its 2009