Friday, May 29, 2009

Tis the Season...

Wedding season that is! Every bride has the same requirement- that everything is perfect from the beginning of the day until the end and more importantly from her head to her toes. Nothing can be overlooked, especially her shoes!

Here are my top picks for every bride:
The Classic Bride

The Funky Bride

The Glitz and Glamour Bride

The Beach Bride

The Colorful Bride

Whatever your style is make sure your bridal shoes reflect your personality. Just because your wedding is traditional, it doesn't mean you have to be!

BUDGET HINT:  We all know weddings aren't cheap!  Most father's of the bride are looking to cut costs in whatever area they can.  If you can't fit that perfect pair of Stuart Weitzman's in your budget don't be afraid to look for a cheaper version thats not the name brand  .  No one will ever know they are hundreds of dollars less and your dad will be so impressed he might even stop complaining about how much you are spending on decorations! 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

White Out!

Memorial Day means 3 things to me:
1. Summer
2. Sales!!!
3. White shoes

Although the rules of fashion clearly state that white shoes after Memorial Day are allowed, I think that it would be irresponsible of me to say that without adding a few stipulations.

1. Don't wear a closed toe pump. Instead opt for a peep toe heel that also shows off your manicured toes (I'm a fan of OPI in "Collins Ave")

2. If you have large feet, stay away from solid white shoes. The same rules that apply for wearing white clothes (remember, its not a very slimming color) also apply to your feet. Your solid white heels can make your feet look like a boat! I suggest choosing a silver heel or a patterned white heel for a more casual look.
3. White sandals are the perfect accessory to tan legs. This season spice up a plain white sandal by getting a pair with a little flair!