Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here Comes the Sun...

Last week was a warm 49 degrees and after a few days with sunshine I found myself dreaming of swimsuits, the beach, and laying out poolside! Unfortunately for me, I got WAY ahead of myself! Tomorrow’s forecast is a grim 18 degree high! I guess I should have known better than to get excited considering its still January and it has been known to snow as late as April in SLC.

Today I decided to take matters in my own hands! First, I purchased a new swimsuit from RueLaLa.com*, then I went to the gym for a LONG over- due workout (the thought of actually putting that swimsuit on right now makes me actually grateful that it’s not summer time… yet!), then I decided to make believe I was laying in the sun. Yes, I’ll admit it! I went to a tanning salon. For 20 min I pretended I was somewhere warm and loved every min of it! Don’t worry; I wasn’t going for this look:

I was just trying NOT to look like this (sorry Twilight fans!):

I am not an advocate of frequent trips to the tanning spa, but I do believe that a little color on my PASTY body was a good choice! I actually worked at a tanning salon through high school (shout out to the El Dorado Hills Sun Spa!), but now days I prefer fake tan over wrinkles! The only downside is finding that perfect product that:

  • Does not have that bottled tan smell
  • Does not give that fake orange color
  • And, does not streak!
Luckily, that dream product DOES exist, and even luckier, it was recommended to me by a close friend! After a quick trip to the drug store and 20 min at home, I found my new favorite way to tan!

Loreal Sublime Bronze Spray

The bronzing spray, combined with my all-time favorite bronzer by Guerlain, and I am glowing!... even despite the lack of sun!

*Rulala.com is an awesome website that previews designer brands at amazingly discounted prices! It is an invite only website, so if you send me your email I'll send you an invite to join! DO IT! The Juicy Couture swimsuit I just purchased was on sale for $59.00- Regularly $190.00!!!