Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm still Brittany from the block...

After a LONG hiatus, I am back and ready to blog! I've made some pretty big changes in my life since my last post- I now live in Salt Lake City- not known for being the fashion capital of the world, but better than you might think! With prescriptions to my favorite fashion mags (yes- PREscriptions, NOT- SUBscriptions! They are basically a drug to me!), frequent trips back to California, an Anthropologie near by, and constant internet shopping, I am able to survive here in the cold! Which isn't too bad since I LOVE winter clothes!

In September I married my best friend and have never been happier! One thing that marriage has taught me about myself is how much I love home decor! Now that I have my own home, I can finally appreciate my mom's OCD about my house growing up!

One thing that has not changed about me, is that I still like to shop (and now decorate) on a budget! I still hate v-necks and love a good pair of jeans, but most importantly- I still believe that money does not buy style or that the lack of it is an excuse not to have any!